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FLY, soaring butterflies

FLY, soaring butterflies

今回は本当に 時、場所、人に恵まれたと思います
Title : “FLY, soaring butterflies”
Size : H.460 x W.246 x D.272 cm
Date : April 2023
Material : 竹, 籐, 漆 Bamboo, Rattan, Urushi Lacquer

The work, which took a year to complete, has been successfully completed!
The spacious work area of the Takeda Sogo Gakuin, an old junior high school building,
I couldn't have done it without the support of my skilled colleagues.
This time we were truly blessed with the right time, place, and people.
Thank you very much to everyone who cooperated with us!
This kind of work is done once in ten years, because I get too exhausted.
I'm going to take a rest for a while to prepare for the next production.
Title : "FLY, soaring butterflies
Size : H.460 x W.246 x D.272 cm
Date : April 2023
Material : Bamboo, Rattan, Urushi Lacquer
The installation is located in the clubhouse of MAGARIGAWA, a private driving facility in Minami-Boso City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan.
MAGARIGAWA, a private driving facility in Minami-Boso, Chiba Prefecture.
(I'm sorry I can't show you the actual work because it's a members-only facility.

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「I want to be a bridge to nature」

昨年、Japan Galleryの専属作家となった水彩画家、藤原香奈の個展がギャラリーCONNCT PLUSで始まりました。阿蘇のお隣、竹田市の古民家を改装したギャラリーです。

Kana Fujiwara, a watercolorist who became an exclusive artist of Japan Gallery last year, has opened an exhibition at gallery CONNCT PLUS. The gallery is located in a renovated old house in Takeda City, next to Aso in Kyushu.
Please come and see her works, which are full of respect for nature.
Exhibition Title
「I want to be a bridge to nature」

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