「I am here」


世界中でたった一つの作品に出合った時。 ほとばしるような声を聴いた思いがしました。 その声を発するのは、日本の“今、此処”に存在する、作品であり、人であり、アーティストでした。そんな ” 唯一無二 ” である日本人アーティストが手掛けた現代アートの作品を、世界中の方々にご紹介したいという強い思いから、ジャパンギャラリーは始まりました。






I am here.

I felt like I heard a sprouting voice when I met the work which exists only once in the world. That voice comes from the works, the people, and artists who are “just now” in Japan.The Japan Gallery was born from our strong wish to share these Contemporary Art pieces created by unique Japanese artists with the world.

Our Japan Gallery logo, which symbolizes the numeral one (1), was designed to represent uniqueness and the first step which becomes a beginning.

The concept of Contemporary Art was born in Europe and the United States of America but has over time transcended borders and oceans. Over time and through repeated evolutions, it has developed to take on the peculiar characteristics of each country it is pursued in. 

Even here in Japan, artistic expression has multiplied as a result of shifting specialities, philosophies, and materials. However, we try to focus on what is inherently Japanese and the works of Japanese people. Even if you take a look at these artists’ work without fully understanding Japanese beauty with its sensibility, nimbleness and delicacy, you will still become aware of its presence in the work. It’s almost as if it is a reflection of Japanese DNA…

Against such a backdrop, we at the Japan Gallery will reveal the world views of each artist and faithfully introduce them alongside the natural scenery and beauty, as well contexts, by which they were influenced.

In Japan, there is a well-known phrase, Ichigo-Ichie, that encourages us to treasure every encounter. It tells us that the things and people we encounter may come along only once in life and therefore we must sincerely cherish them. The artists we meet, the pieces we meet, the people you will meet on this website – these are all examples of Ichigo-Ichie. we hope you enjoy this website to discover some artists and pieces that stimulate your interest in Japan and Japanese art.  we eagerly anticipate the day when you come to visit us and our artworks someday.

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